Good morning,

Markets were steady/mixed through the overnight of trade as they are now trying to make a rebound from the month end selling spree in yesterday’s session. This morning corn is currently down 3 cents and soybeans are down 6 cents. The drop in prices we saw yesterday were due to technical indicators in large part. Key supports failed early on in the trading session which spurred many traders to liquidate their long positions. Also, the non-threatening weather and the U.S. – China trade talks dwindling away for the time being didn’t help with the matter. Overall, there wasn’t much standing in the way for the speculative selling. The resolution to the ongoing trade issues remains elusive. Although not confirmed, I have heard that the chance for face-to-face trade talks have now been moved back a month and will take place sometime in September. Going forward, the next few sessions will be important. Even further liquidation is very possible as the markets try to stabilize. Traders will be keeping a very close eye on the charts. It can be expected that trades will be made based on technical indicators to finish up this week. Overall, the weather remains benign with normal to cooler temperatures. Currently, we aren’t seeing many chances for rain in our area until later in the week next week. I would continue to advise producers to put in firm offers with your buyers leading up to the August 12th report. Also, if you are still sitting on a large amount of old crop, I would consider selling some amount before the report to take some risk away from the chances of prices falling after the report. We are now a week and a half away from the much anticipated report and having a good marketing plan for before and after the report should prove beneficial!

Have a great Thursday!

Drake Bliss