Our Mill

At the core of Didion’s operations is our Mill, North America’s newest and most advanced milling facility. Nestled in Wisconsin’s heartland, this technological marvel, equipped with thousands of sensors and computers, processes over 350,000 tons of corn annually.

As local producers deliver their harvest, our talented team uses cutting edge technology to extract the best parts from each kernel for our food ingredient customers. You probably use our products every day and don’t even know it. Your favorite bowl of cereal? That was us. Beer after work? Also us! Corndog at the county fair? You guessed it!

But we don’t stop there. We also partner with USAID to produce Super Cereal Plus—a product that is shipped to dozens of developing nations to help combat hunger around the world.

The parts of the kernel that aren’t used in the Mill are sent to our co-located Bioscience facility, ensuring every piece of the kernel serves a purpose—be it in food ingredients, biofuel, or livestock feed. We unlock the potential of every kernel, minimizing waste wherever we can.

See the magic for yourself.

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For our top-brand food customers, that means:

  • State-of-the-art smart instrumentation that ensures precise product consistency;
  • Highly advanced foreign materials detection, so you’ll never have to reject a shipment;
  • A corn-cleaning and color-sorting system that retains only the highest quality kernels;
  • Upsized production capacity and product storage for scheduling flexibility that allows us to accommodate time-sensitive orders.

One day, someone will copy this work of art. And when they do, they’ll still be missing the most important design feature: our people. Meet them in this short video.

“Very responsive to requirements and requests…
superior to others in the industry.”

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