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Zero waste—our commitment to sustainability drives the operations at our state-of-the-art Mill. The combination of cutting-edge machinery and skilled craftsmanship allows us to use every part of the corn kernel. Sophisticated technology, paired with our talented team, ensures no kernel is wasted.

Our advanced processing techniques provide high-quality ingredients for food manufacturers and support essential nutrition programs, such as USAID famine relief. The parts of the kernel not used for food are transferred to our co-located Bioscience facility. This meticulous process—minimizing waste and maximizing utility—drives our ability to create a sustainable future. It’s a win for the planet, a win for our customers, and symbolizes our respect for the hard-working Wisconsin family farms that trust Didion with their annual crop.

Experience the precision and passion behind our zero-waste philosophy. Discover the difference our corn can make in your products by requesting a custom sample today.

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