Good morning,

Grain markets were relatively steady through the overnight of trade with corn futures unchanged and soybeans a cent higher. In the overnight session we saw a lower volume of trade as we expect many traders are gearing up for the report that is going to be released here on the 12th. Currently, corn is down a cent this morning and soybeans are down 3 cents. There’s not a whole lot of fresh news here in the markets today. Leading up to the report, I expect many traders to keep a close eye on the U.S. – China trade talks looking to see if they intensify any more than they already have. Also, I expect many to keep an eye on the development of weather forecasts. There are some drier areas that are becoming a bit more desperate for rainfall. The weather models seem to be struggling a bit determining the placement and intensity of rainfall to come in the next few weeks. With such a late planting for much of the U.S. corn crop this year many traders become concerned with any discerning weather that can still affect the yield potential. I believe trade will remain choppy leading up to the report, trading within its already established ranges until we get that data at the beginning of next week. There have been numerous private production estimates that have hit the markets in the last couple days and more are expected. There has been a large spectrum of predictions of what will come from the USDA data. It isn’t safe to say what will be released on Monday and there is still a lot of uncertainty running through the minds of some anxious traders. In the next few days to come, I would continue to advise producers to put in firm offers with your buyers to capitalize on a sudden run in the market.

Hope you have a great day!

Drake Bliss