Cambria, Wis.

Didion recently launched a new website, boldly making a splash to show where the future of its brand is going. Didion’s dedication to its relationships with farmers, customers, the community and employees as well as its focus on technology and transformation have always been strong elements to its foundation. The new website illustrates that Didion isn’t merely about corn processing – it’s about commitment to stellar customer service. It’s about giving team members a place to call home, to grow and develop their careers. It’s about feeding millions of people all over the world.

The new website provides cutting-edge features such as easy access to Didion’s social media channels, corn industry insights, and an enhanced digital careers experience, making it seamless for candidates to discover new opportunities at Didion. Candidates are also able to learn about the latest benefit information such as Didion’s minimum wage increase to $15.00, volunteer time off, triple time holiday pay and tobacco free campus policy.

All of the new features allow the site to be a two-way interactive tool, taking it beyond just a website. Farmers can also take advantage of date-specific grain receiving hours, discounts, and contracts.

“We’re excited about coming back into the marketplace,” said Riley Didion, president of Didion. “Our new website is just one of many ways we show the world that we’re more than corn. We’re about challenging the industry norm and taking care of our people. ”

The use of vivid imagery powerfully captures the spirit of the Didion brand. Website visitors will see a visual narrative that includes farmers hard at work as well as the essence of Didion’s culture. The site gives candidates a peek into what it is like to work at Didion and the generous benefits available to them.

“We want our customers and all of our company’s stakeholders to know we value them, and that our focus on developing personal relationships is a key differentiator,” said Jeff Dillon, vice president of sales at Didion. “The new website shows how this is a fundamental aspect of our culture.”

About Didion
Didion is a family-owned agricultural processing business located in Wisconsin’s heartland. By co-locating its corn mill with an ethanol operation, Didion is able to create both food and fuel from the same kernel of corn. Much of the team’s passion stems through feeding millions of people all over the world through USDA Food Aid programs. Equipped with over 45 years of knowledge and innovation, Didion offers a full array of corn products, including brans, flours, grits, meals, pregelatinized ingredients, whole grain, and famine-relief aid. Didion’s research and development team is constantly striving for greatness, creating customized products to meet customer-specific needs.