Our Human Development Leader, Amy Jones, is headed to Feed and Grain Live 2019 to speak about non-traditional approaches to building a people-powered enterprise.

Presentation Information:
Engraining Culture in the 21st Century
January 10th, 8:30 – 9:30 AM

Conference Information: 
Feed & Grain Live
January 8-10, 2019
Prairie Meadows Hotel
Altoona, Iowa

About Amy Jones

Amy Jones has spent the last 20+ years learning and teaching others about the evolution and craft of human development. While many in the industry call it human resources, Amy feels it goes much deeper than that. Since joining Didion as the Leader of Human Development in 2015, Amy’s mission is to help company leaders create an atmosphere that inspires professional and personal excellence and champion a culture that allows all team members to pursue their personal passion while at Didion.

Amy has her master’s degree in management and a Bachelor of Science in communications and public relations. She is on the board of the Cambria Friesland Career Coalition, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, an HPWP and MBTI-Certified Facilitator, and is well-respected in her global network of human resources professionals. Her recently published article, “When Culture is Not a Cliché,” has served as an inspiration to many.

Outside of work, Amy and her husband live on a small farm in rural Wisconsin. In her leisure time, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, son and extended family, as well as being involved in local farm-to-table events and giving back to her local community through volunteering.