Becky Fallon
QA and CI Operations Leader-in-Training


Becky Fallon, QA and CI Operations Leader in Training at Didion, has sage advice for someone who is considering a job within the manufacturing field: “Be willing to learn, because milling is constantly changing and that is exciting!”

Becky joined Didion in 2019, first as a milling intern, then came on full-time a year later in 2020. Her interest in manufacturing started after she took a trip to a Jim Beam facility with her FFA group in high school. She was mesmerized by the intricacies of the distilling process. Becky was first introduced to milling through a 4-H Discovery Days milling course at Kansas State.

While in college at K-State, her milling career began with an internship at a flour mill in Pennsylvania. Following this experience, Becky studied abroad in Switzerland at the Swiss Milling School for six months, and then began her milling internship with Didion. Becky pursued an internship with Didion because it was corn milling (K-State focuses mostly on flour milling). She encourages other women to get into this male-dominated industry; 27% of Didion’s workforce is female.

Once she graduated from K-State, Didion extended an offer for a permanent position at the mill. In her role at Didion, Becky helps drive continuous improvement activities around milling quality as well as leading commercialization efforts for our new products.

What brought her back to Didion when she finished college? Our people.

“The people here make the job that much better,” said Becky. “We are more like a family, than just coworkers.”

To further her involvement in the industry, Becky recently became a member of Women in Manufacturing and International Association of Millers.

Fun Fact:
Becky is a self-taught home brewer! She hopes to eventually start up a brewery and grow it into a distillery focusing on bourbon. We are happy Becky’s hobby led her to explore a career path within the manufacturing industry and, ultimately, to Didion!