Brian Parker
Ethanol Plant Manager


Southern Illinois/St. Louis metro area.

Six Sigma green belt certified.

Dinner with Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla.

What do these three random things have in common? Brian Parker.

Our new Ethanol Plant Manager, Brian Parker, is originally from Southern Illinois/ St. Louis metro area and his desire to move to Wisconsin led him to Didion Milling. Brian has bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (BSChE), a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in general management and is Six Sigma green belt certified, which provides training around process and production improvement methodologies. Throughout his 30+ year manufacturing career, he has been exposed to a variety of operations leadership and support roles, as well as world class operations systems.


Brian kept his eye to the north as he looked for his next career opportunity. Didion’s location may have lured him in but what the company stands for sealed the deal. The Core Values of Safe, Smart, Hungry, Humble and Team have resonated with him throughout his career, so Didion felt like a perfect fit to Brian.

Brian hopes to help shape Didion’s future and our manufacturing footprint beyond the ethanol plant. His goal is to bring a sense of what “good” might look like at all levels of the ethanol plant as we achieve operational excellence and assist in developing a continuous improvement mindset in everything we do.


A few career highlights that have contributed to Brian’s career path include:

  • Serving as a project manager for a specialty chemical intermediate production facility
  • Early integration into operations as a process/production engineer and front line supervisor
  • Development of vision and creation of teams to work towards that vision

Brian’s favorite part about working at Didion is the target rich environment of opportunities for improvement, the willingness to take on those challenges and the commitment to teamwork.


Oh, and if Brian could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), it would be a toss-up between Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla. Reason: both single handedly changed the future of the world. The biggest question Brian has is, how did they dream that stuff up?