Matt Pham

Production Planner


One day, while scrolling through Facebook, Matt Pham stumbled upon a Didion Facebook post that looked too good to be true. At the time, he was not actively seeking a new job and worked out of state, but was intrigued, so he did a little bit of research and applied for the Pack Operator position open with Didion.

Shortly after Matt submitted his application and interviewed, he received a call from our HD department offering him the position and to relocate him from Belvidere, IL. Matt was so amazed by the investment Didion put into their team members right from the beginning that he decided to take the plunge.

Two weeks later Matt started with Didion, but not as a Pack Operator. Instead, he filled the newly opened Pack Lead role and in just a few short months was promoted to Production Planner.


Matt has never experienced a company as progressive and dynamic as Didion. The team is very supportive and open to letting team members bring new ideas to the table.

In addition to having freedom within his position, Matt’s biggest motivator is knowing that we feed millions of people each day. It’s an added bonus to see where our hard work goes.

“I beam with pride when I see products we helped make on shelves at the grocery store,” said Matt.


Matt attributed his preparation for his role at Didion to three things: past leadership training, lean manufacturing production experience and his ability to remain calm when managing a high-stress situation, all the while prioritizing what is most important and keeping safety top of mind.

As the Pack Lead, Matt’s focus was helping grow the team; the faster the operators grow, the faster the managers grow, the faster he grows. Another focus was helping create reference documents and process improvements to establish a foundation for the organization.

Didion has supported Matt’s career development by assisting him in setting up a clear path from the beginning with high expectations, including where he is going to go and where he wants to be.

“When our People Leaders recognize team members who would be a great fit for an open position within Didion, it shows the people on our team truly care about each other’s personal and professional growth,” adds Matt. Didion’s investment in our team is unmatched.


In his free time, Matt enjoys exploring the open road on his sport touring motorcylce and being with his family. If Matt had the chance, he would have dinner with Ewan Mcgregor, a well-known actor who has traveled all over the world by motorcyle.