Shellie Lieggi
Logistics Coordinator


When asked about her favorite part of working for Didion, Shellie Lieggi, commented on how supportive and welcoming the members of our team have been since she began her role as a Logistics Coordinator with Didion.

“It is a group of people who truly want to strive to make the company better and work together to get there,” said Shellie.

Aside from geography, the amount of opportunities Didion offers in terms of career advancements and the importance they place on volunteering within the communities encouraged Shellie to take her career to the next phase with Didion by joining the team in April.

“When I looked at the overall opportunity and how Didion really supports their employees and encourages them to not only be good employees, but to have a life and to volunteer and to contribute to the community, I just loved all of those things and it seemed like a no-brainer.”

Looking ahead to the future, Shellie doesn’t have a specific career goal; she wants to be challenged in her work every day.


After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from UW-Madison, Shellie went on to become a Certified Safety Supervisor through the University of Central Florida. With 25+ years of experience within the transportation industry, Shellie has seen it all. Her career began in freight payables shortly after college, where she worked her way into the Sales and Brokerage Division. This move led to Shellie gaining her own major customer within a couple of years and leading a team of three.

Fun fact: Shellie loves chili and baked potatoes!