As we celebrate International HR Day, we’re recognizing the great team members who recruit, retain, and train our team! Human Resources, or as we like to call it, Human Development (HD), embodies our commitment to putting the right people in the right seats and developing their potential fully. 

Why Human Development? 

We often get asked, “Why do you call your human resources team Human Development?” That’s because our HD team believes: 

  • People Are Our Core Asset: We recognize that our success is directly linked to the well-being and growth of our team members. 
  • Making a Difference Together: We foster a collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute, learn, and grow. 
  • Right People, Right Seats: It’s crucial that team members are placed in roles where they can truly excel and feel fulfilled, enhancing both personal satisfaction and company productivity. 
  • Creating Custom Career Paths: We ensure that each team member has a clear, personalized career trajectory that aligns with their strengths and career aspirations. 
  • Caring and Developing: We focus on hiring people who are not only skilled but are passionate about their work and eager to develop in their roles. 

Meet Our HD Team 

Our HD team is at the heart of Didion’s operations, ensuring that we stay true to our values and continue to be a place where people can grow and succeed. From recruiting and training to career development, our HD professionals work tirelessly to support every team member. Today, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the people behind our people, those who dedicate themselves to making Didion a great place to work. 

HD’s Role in Building a Supportive Workplace 

The HD team’s initiatives are crucial in shaping Didion’s inclusive and nurturing work environment. This includes everything from leadership training programs and performance management systems to wellness campaigns and community-building activities. They also play a key role in supporting our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) like Women of Didion and our new Veterans at Didion group, which help connect and uplift our team members through shared experiences and support networks. 

Thank you, HD! 

As we celebrate International HR Day, we want to thank our HD team for their support and dedication. The HD team not only enhances the professional lives of our team members, but they are the backbone of our company’s culture. Here’s to continuing to find innovative ways to support and develop our greatest asset—our people.