We’re committed to continuous improvement, and a key part of that process is asking our customers for feedback. Since our last survey in 2022, we’ve installed a second packaging line to streamline operations and adopted more durable product bags to minimize damage during transit.

Thanks to the dedication and invaluable feedback from our partners, we continue to innovate and meet the needs of our customers. It’s in our DNA to make things happen when customers approach us with a challenge. Corn may be a commodity, but the relationships we build with our customers aren’t.

Now that we’ve completed our 2024 Customer Survey, here are the Key Insights:

  • Responsiveness: Scored 4.94, indicating a continued focus on rapid and efficient customer service.
  • Quality Assurance: Improved to 4.76, showing our ongoing commitment to high standards.
  • Customer Communications: Increased to 4.76, reflecting our dedication to clear and proactive communication.
  • Issue Resolution: Achieved a score of 4.71, underscoring our ability to effectively address and resolve concerns.
  • Delivery Timeliness: Improved to 4.75, highlighting our focus on ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Protocol Logistics: Reached a perfect score of 5, showcasing exceptional efficiency in delivery protocols.

These results affirm our commitment to our customers. We’re the easiest to do business with because we’re rooted in our Core Values and stive for mutual success.

Expect more because we do more.

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