Name: Becky Fallon
Title: Milling Intern
University: Kansas State University

What drew you to intern with Didion?

What drew me to be an Intern with Didion is that everyone is very personable. I can walk around the campus and know almost everyone’s name. Another thing that drew me to Didion was that we’re a dry corn mill which is a lot more interesting than a flour mill.

What projects have you worked on/are currently working on?

I have a couple of projects I am currently working on. The first is making Viscosity Controlled Flour off of the roller mills and the second is getting the purifiers running so that we can produce clean snack meal in the near future. I also just help out wherever is needed in the mill.

What attracted you to the milling profession?

I became interested in milling through my grandfather, who harvested wheat for 70+ years. It is what I grew up around. However, what really interested me was the thought of fermenting grain into alcohol. It’s very intriguing to me that you can use grain and make it into many different products. Alcohol just seems very interesting to me so that is why I chose Milling.