Name: Luke Benfer
Title: Milling Intern
University: Kansas State University

What drew you to intern with Didion?

In the interview process, Didion talked about the impactful projects that past interns had the opportunity to be a part of and that really excited me. The technological advancements and how modern Didion’s mill was also a big factor, because I’ve seen older facilities and wanted to see the more technologically advanced machinery. I also liked the team aspect and that I’d be living with other interns. 

What impactful projects have you worked on/are you currently working on?

My main project is optimizing the find grind sifters to avoid downtime and reduce maintenance time. I am also looking at the whole system to find optimization for the expanders and extruders. 

What attracted you to the milling/manufacturing profession?

I grew up on a farm where we grew crops (wheat, corn, and soybeans), so I have a background in agriculture to an extent. I toured K-State’s milling program because I live in town, but I really enjoyed the tour and the classes. Serving as an intern at a variety of mills has solidified my interest in the milling industry. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy watching the Chiefs and K-State sports, hiking, and recently picked up frisbee golf.