Good morning,

Stronger markets to open the day with corn up 12-15 and soybeans up 25-30.

Weather is the market mover this morning. With forecasts for nice rains across the Midwest the focus is on how much will everyone receive and will there be damaging storms along with them.

Over the next two weeks there are two storm systems that move through the Midwest.  The current one is in Minnesota right now and more storms will develop in Eastern Iowa and move into Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.  At the very back end of the models a new storm is developing that moves in over a couple days through Iowa and Central Illinois. Some of the current totals will be on the heavy side with levels from 2-7 inches predicted.  The seven-day forecast by NOAA is consistent with the EU on placement and amounts this morning for the current storm system.

Warm weather moves into the Midwest starting next week, but it does not look very hot.  A ridge sets up limiting rain, but it does not bring much high heat.  The warmest temps are up in the Northern plains and up into Canada.

Have a Safe Day!

Garry Gard