Good Morning,

Markets are lower to start the month with corn down 3, beans down 6 and wheat down 7.
The markets had a good rally yesterday which is common theme the day after the May roll. Many contracts were liquidated out in the last weed.
President Trump in recent days has told aides that China has to pay for the outbreak and publicly floated demanding billions of in compensation. It has been discussed that China could be stripped of sovereign immunity and enabling the US government and victims the ability to sue for damages. Tariffs again were brought up as is the standard weapon of the President. The chances of getting China to pay compensation for the virus are closer to zero to none.
The weather for the next 14 days looks very normal. There were be instances of light rain here and there, temps will ride a roller coaster of warm, cold, warm. Planting progress does not look to be a problem this year. Corn planting by Monday can be close to 50% and beans at 20%.

Have a Safe Day!

Garry Gard