david silver volunteer spotlight

David Silver

Director of Accounting & Finance

What organization(s) do you volunteer for and how long have you been a volunteer with them?

My wife and I have fostered 50 dogs through JRs Pups N Stuff since 2014.

What motivated you to volunteer with JRs Pups N Stuff?

We wanted to see how a second dog might fit into our family and learned that fostering is a great way to do that. Fostering a dog allows the organization to learn more about the dog’s traits and behaviors such as, energy levels and interactions with different age groups, before the dog is adopted into its forever home.

What has been the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience?

My wife and I have a soft spot for the shy dogs. One dog, named Scarlett, wouldn’t leave her crate except to go to the bathroom for the first few weeks she was in our home. Over the course of six months, she became comfortable with us. She came out of her shell and would play with toys and interact with us. After several unsuccessful meetings with prospective families, she was eventually adopted to a loving home. It was a great experience to help her learn to trust humans and increase her potential happiness.

What should people consider when they are thinking about volunteering?

Give thought to the amount of time you can reasonably commit that isn’t going to put you at odds with other important facets of your life. Once you’ve determined the amount of time you can commit to, find an organization that fits well with your values and remember that there will be highs and lows no matter what you decide, but it is worth it.