volunteer spotlight - nick hayden

Nick Hayden

Senior HD Business Partner

What organization(s) do you volunteer for and how long have you been a volunteer with them?

Over the past decade, I have volunteered my time with a variety of organizations that center around the personal growth and development of youth and adults. I’ve served as a Boy Scouts of America Cubmaster for 10 years, a Benevolence Ministry Leader with Oakwood Church for 4 years, a Youth Basketball and Baseball Coach for 2 years and most recently serve as a board member for Exploit No More.

What motivated you to volunteer with these organizations?

As a volunteer cubmaster and coach of youth basketball and baseball, I have had the incredible opportunity to watch my two sons grow into athletes and develop civic mindedness. I am passionate about creating opportunities for people to shine, helping people grow financially by assisting individuals with personal with budget planning as a Ministry leader, and advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves. At Exploit No More, we provide trafficking survivors a safe space to receive the help they need to heal.

What has been the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience?

My most memorable accomplishment is seeing the growth in people, to see them hit or catch the ball with pure joy knowing their hard work paid off and watching lives change, in a financial or healing sense.

What should people consider when they are thinking about volunteering?

No matter what you think, you have something special to give to your communities.